DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tool ( Medium Pouch )

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Product details of Vastar DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tool 

  • Creative Glass Bottle Cutter: seize the chance to make some lovely works of art with this wine bottle cutter, for example: vase,candle holder or home decoration, light up your daily life, also do something for the environment
  • Wide Application: suitable for most of beer/wine/drinking glass round bottles (vodka, tapered, champagne etc.)
  • Simple to use: place your bottle on the tool and adjust the blade or screws; cut a line on the bottle,start to rotate it with pressure; pour the score line over boiled and cold water for three time; smooth the cutting line
  • Amazing DIY Experience: each blade is made of sharp and hard metal acrylic, the durability have been tested for many times, well built and lasts a long time, perfect for practicing handmade
  • Product: Name:Bottle Cutter
  • Glass Botter Cutter , inspire you to create different kinds of sculptures and garden decoration.
  • Don't have to throw away the useless beer or wine bottle any more.
  • A Must Have item to let you enjoy your creative life!
  • Instruction:
  • Step 1: Adjust the machine and Scoring
  • The tool is meant to create a score line on the bottle on your desired place. You simply need to adjust the stand of the glass cutter to the desired length to cut and place the bottle on it, then adjust the depth of machine so the cutting wheel is at the desired location on the bottle.
  • Once the cutting wheel is at the proper location, start slowly turning the bottle. Rotate it for 3-5 times with moderate pressure and patient.
  • Step 2: Separation
  • The best method that produces the most consistent results is simply to pour hot and cold water over the score line alternately
  • This cycle of hot and cold water will make the bottle to crack along the score line. Thicker glasses may take additional cycles.