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Razor for beard Razor for haircut sale branded

  • Advanced Blade & Close Cut - The cordless hair clippers use stainless steel precision blades, which will not pull the hair or damage skin. The hair trimmers are equipped with T-shaped blade that can be zero-gapped. The narrow design of the steel precision trimmer makes it easy to trim hair, beard, face, sideburns, edges around ears, body hair. For short trips, it is enough to bring only the main unit
  • PRECISION HAIR CLIPPER WITH LED DISPLAY - The narrow design of the full-metal precision trimmer makes it easy to precisely edge and finish small details. The LED display shows battery capacity, charging status. You can easily know when to charge the machine.
  • USB Fast Charging - The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers up to 2 hours of runtime per 2.5 hours charge. Perfect for your daily and travel use.
  • Multiple Cutting Lengths - The hair trimmer is equipped with 4 attachment combs (1mm/ 2mm/ 3mm/ 4mm). Users can change different combs according to personal needs. You can also use the grooming kit without the comb for a close trim.
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