Stage Laser Light (size: LARGE POUCH)

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Description: item Type: Laser light Cooling system:intelligent temperature control system Product material: aluminum Warm-up time: 2-8 minutes Packing sixe: 138x120x88mm Mainscope of application: stage performance Dj Dancehall Ktv room bar party wedding hone decoration leisure club! Working mode: automatic running sound control mode and intelligent bmode (red and green alternarely flashing sound controlnduring music plays) Input viltage: 110-240working temperature: 10~40C (indoor)! Control mode: manual or remote control Product weight: 400g Light source power: green light 50mw red lightb100mw Beam wavelength: green light 532nm red Output voltage:5v 1.5 A Features Econfriendly Pretty & charming Intelligent fan temperature control system Package includes: 1. Projection lamp * adapter Stand Manual